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Church Reopening Info

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Notice to Our Church Family & Friends 

(Distributed via email March 19, 2021)



We are planning to reopen the Church for services at some point shortly after Easter.  We have quite a few logistics that we are working out in preparation - the most important is how we keep everyone included in worship and how we keep those in the sanctuary safe.


Addressing the "keeping everyone included" point, we will also be running a simultaneous ZOOM session from the sanctuary for those who choose to attend from home.  As to the "keeping those in the sanctuary safe" point, there are two components - who can come (this will adjust as vaccinations increase) and how to let the church know that you meet the requirements -


Your are eligible to attend if

1)  You have completed the COVID-19 immunization process PFIZER and MODERNA – two shots; J&J – one shot) and have completed the vaccination effectiveness waiting period process (PFIZER and MODERNA – two weeks following last immunization; J&J – one week following immunization) will be allowed physical attendance at service in the sanctuary. 

2)  When attending Worship in the sanctuary, you WEAR masks covering your mouth and nose.

3)  Enter through the SOUTH ENTRANCE (NARTHEX) will be open for you to enter.

4)  use Hand Sanitizer upon entry to the church.  Sanitizer will be made available in the NARTHEX as you enter.

5)  DO NOT sit in the first two rows of pews on both sides.  Please find a seat behind those rows.


Proof of Vaccination can be provided in advance...

a)   Scan a copy of both sides of your vaccination card and email it to the Office at,or

b)   Drop by the office with your vaccination card Tuesday - Friday 9:30a.m. - 12:00 noon and we will make a copy of your card, or

c)    Bring your vaccination card to the Worship Service on the first Sunday that you attend.  One of our ushers will register you.  (You may want to come a little earlier since this may take a few minutes)

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