Our church family continues to amaze and humble me! The ways God finds to weave our lives together is a wonder. I was thinking that I wanted to start a space in our newsletter where we highlight a person each month who does outstanding volunteer work for our church. But I realized that would only give us twelve a year and that would not scratch the surface. I thought two a month might be better, but we would still never finish. I’d love for folks to share the nudges that brought us through the church doors for the first time. The ways we met each other

and realized that NSB UCC is indeed a home worth celebrating are as varied as we are! We would love to highlight some of these ways we fell in love with this church and the work we do together on our new church website.

This is your opportunity to tell your (short) story. It is where we can share how we came to try our church and why we stay. It is where each and every one of us can reach out to those who are checking us out online and they can catch a glimpse of the ways the Holy Spirit is moving here.


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Diane