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Committed to Instilling Faith into All Congregants

Reverend Shawn Proctor

Pastor Shawn ONA3_edited.png

Reverend Shawn and his family moved to New Smyrna Beach from Jeffersonville, Indiana 10 years ago to help care for Mariah's grandfather who had lung cancer and help out her grandmother, affectionately known as "G".


Prior to this big move, the Pastor and his family enjoyed visits and vacations to New Smyrna Beach.  According to Shawn,

"We have always been in love with the town, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives here."

Shawn is passionate about providing support and guidance to individuals in our community with mental health concerns.  These concerns are so ubiquitous and pervasive that the treatment, prevention, and care for mental health concerns must start in the community rather than in institutions. This is exactly where the “rubber hits the road” as far as spiritual care.

Shawn is very much aware of God working through his relationships, which is often how God chooses to work in the world. Leading  worship and preaching have been profound for him.

"When I have led worship it has felt like home. Leading worship and preaching aren’t new to me, I have done them before. But now it feels like it is exactly where I am supposed to be. I feel that I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!"


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